• The Soxguys

Are you a socksniffer?

Stylish socks are part of every kinky outfit. But what if the socks are damp and smelly? Does that trigger you?

With us, the answer is clear :-) We love it when a sexy guy takes off a few horny kicks in front of us and it steams out of them. A mix between sweat, long-worn sneakers and a bit of cum - omg that's where we get horny. Just lying in front of a hot guy and sniffing his sox - what could be better? Ok, grabbing sneakers and inhaling them is also awesome :-)

We prefer to be the proll and press our socks into the faces of greedy subs. Those willing, humble looks - that gives a master pure satisfaction. Nice to drive the sub warm socks over his face, force him to take spit and so on ... We are often asked how long we wear the socks. Usually that is 4-5 days. If we know that a sub likes to come over a little longer. Smell can really be very different. We don't like too much smelly or too "musty". It's the perfect mix and everyone has their own preferences.

These lines of thext - do they make you horny? You should order smelly sox! Check out our website: www.sniffmysox.com

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Who wants to sniff?

We launched sniffmysox.com about two years ago due to some inquiries. Since then, almost 200 socksniffers from all over the world (yes, from every continent) have ordered. We have a lot of fun wearing socks for willing subs and sometimes we also respond to special requests. Our boys get the sox in vacuum packaging, so that little smell is lost during shipping. If you wear the sox for 1-2 hours after receiving it, you can unfold the full mastersmell again when warm. You should try it out!