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Darklands Festival 2022

In March 2020 we attended at Darklands festival in Antwerp shortly before the Europe-wide lockdown. Covid-19 was already an issue. We are still there and have had an awesome weekend. It should be the last big party in more than a year ...

Patience and rest are not our strengths. We prefer to be out. We miss the contacts (and the action) with you guys from all over the world. Europe is in the middle of what is known as the third wave. Nevertheless, we are slowly but surely looking forward to a lively second half of 2021. We perceive a spirit of optimism in numerous chats. We are not experts or prophets. Nevertheless, we believe that a lot will soon be possible again. You are planning trips to the Fetishweek in autumn on Canary islands, toying with advance reservations for the Folsom street fair in Berlin and here in Switzerland even private meetings with up to 10 guys are already possible. Let's hope that the time of privation will soon be over and that we can meet again in a safe, meaningful setting!

The Darklands Festival also conveys a spirit of optimism. It will take more than a year, but with the announcement of the date and the start of ticket sales this week, we were really looking forward to it. The event in Antwerp last year convinced us so much that we didn't have to think twice before the tickets were bought. What excited us:

  • the "Waagnatie" location is huge and ideal for such an event

  • the event is well organized. Many a music festival could learn a thing or two about that

  • Top sound with big shows plus a big market where all the trendy brands of the scene present themselves

  • the play area or the cruising area is gigantic. Here you can really let off steam indefinitely

  • Hot guys from all over the world travel to Antwerp with a wide variety of fetishes. We found it very impressive. Everyone can be themselves and enjoy a relaxed, cool weekend

  • a very diverse supporting program for the community and interests of all kinds

Impression of Darklands festival 2019:

For us, Darklands plays in the "champions league of fetishevents". We are really looking forward to May 2022! Have you already planned your trip to Belgium? Do you know an event that you absolutely have to attend beforehand? Let us know and write it down in the comment box below.

Do you need more information?

Darklands Festival website

Alpha Tribe report on the start of advance sales

This blog post was created on our own initiative / out of our own enthusiasm. We have no relation to the festival. The content is not paid media.