• The Soxguys

In focus: Sk8erboy

Hardly any other brand is as well known in the gay fetish scene as Sk8erboy. For almost 20 years the guys from Sk8erboy have been producing trendy gear under the motto "we make dreams cum true". The name that says it all with the memorable logo has now achieved cult status. It's really fascinating how continuously Sk8erboy is developing its offering. The Sk8erboy socks can be seen on countless sexy pics on social media. You just can't get around the fire from Germany.

You may also remember: First there were hot videos with kinky guys on the website. Camps were advertised and like-minded people from half of Europe lived out the fetish. The shop is now more in focus. The Sk8erboy party is still going on and always attracts a lot of kinksters to Station2b in Cologne. While getting to know each other is the order of the day at the party, downstairs in the basement is sniffing and sniffing around. So many sexy boys in sportswear: The Soxguys are always happy to make the trip to the Rhine metropolis. For some people, Sk8erboy was or is the entry into the scene. In the meantime, Sk8erboy not only offers socks but also sells shiny pants, boxerh shorts, T-shirts, sweatbands and mouth-nose masks.

The Sox are of excellent quality. We have worn and washed some of them very often. They stay fluffy and messages such as sniff me are retained. It's just important that you wash the Sox once before wearing it for the first time. Only then do you have the actual size.

What fascinates us: Sk8erboy moves with the times. The gear is not only worn by one generation. The young gays also wear the clothes. Clever: If you only wear the Sox with sportswear, for example, you show what you like without looking like a walking fetish shop. Look for # sk8erboysocks on Insta - it's worth it!

Vinc with Sk8erboy tube socks