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In Focus: Twinkx

Twinkx is a young brand based in Leipzig. German boys just know what is cool and has style!

According to Wikipedia, a "twink" means a "young-looking, slim man with at most minimal body and facial hair and few" typical "masculinity characteristics such as muscles." The Twinkx model embodies these characteristics in an exemplary manner and we like it very much ... :-) It is worth looking for it on IG ... But we think: Twinkx gear is not just for youngsters! The socks are available in three designs. Always as white sox with black inscription or with stripe motifs. The design is embroidered and not printed - the Twinkx Sox are of high quality! If you want to show a trendy outfit, these gay socks are simply part of it!

The highlight of the brand is undisputedly the collection with nylon gear. The jackets and pants in the "Basic" and "Midnight" variants have really taken off. The feeling when wearing this nylon gear is just amazing. Sorry, there is no other way to say it. To feel this material very thinly on the naked body and the stylish design and the good cut: a must-have for every kinkster! If you wear this to a party, you are guaranteed to be touched. The boys love it! Sorry our mental cinema is just starting :-)

You can get the socks in our store. Order yourself and make yourself a twink (x) boy!

Luka in Twinkx gear at Darklands Festival 2020