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Nylon gear

We sell stylish socks for kinksters on our website. At the same time we want to show you which gear we wear and maybe give you inspiration for new styles. What we really like is nylon gear.

The wafer-thin fabric just feels so cool and suits almost every boy. Most of the time we don't wear anything underneath, that's the best feeling. Okay, if you want to shop with it in the cold season, it might be a little unsuitable. But at home on the sofa, while hanging out in the park or of course at a party, nylon gear is perfect. If you're at a party among hot boys for a long time, you sweat a lot in it. Lots of guys like the master's sweat - so it also has advantages :-D Even when fiddling with it, nylon feels so hot. Your counterpart notices what you have to offer without any hurdles. Certain subs get really wild when the material rustles. It's also cool that with nylon pants you can always show off the sox without hiding a lot.

A few impressions:

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Boxer Barcelona Michal Marek

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What triggers you about nylon? What's your favorite outfit? Do you know a good manufacturer? Write it in the comments!