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Sneakfreaxx socks

When we were around 18-19 years old we often watched the porn by and with Ronny and thought: what a life! Yes, the films triggered us and showed us completely new worlds. A few years later, we may not be found in porn, but we live openly and can be found at one or the other gay party.

With Sneakfreaxx, Ronny runs a now well-known label. Like the guys from Sk8erboy, he offers a wide range of socks and gear (t-shirts, boxers, hoodies and much more) and organizes parties for guys who like sportswear, sneakers and socks. Which of you have you met at the Sportlads party at Stahlrohr club? Sneakfreaxx stands for gay Berlin lifestyle. Hipp, sexy, a bit cheeky and pretty dirty. If you feel comfortable in the Berlin fetish scene, you need the socks from Sneakfreaxx. We are often in the capital not only because of our family who live in Germany. We are fascinated, or rather drawn under the spell of the diverse and open way of life. Berliners don't like tourists that much. Sorry guys, we keep coming back! Hach how do we miss the long nights in the countless clubs where you just completely lose yourself in the here and now and uh, enjoy one or the other great action. In Berlin you can wear all your gear and it goes without saying that you can also show the socks from Sneakfreaxx.

Luka with Sneakfreaxx Sox before one of these Berlin nights...

For now we have three models from Ronny in the shop: Bottom, f * ck me and Master. Three clear statements. Do you want other messages? We are happy to organize more from the diverse range and thus supply (Swiss) kinksters quickly and at fair shipping prices. The Sneakfreaxx are inexpensive without making massive savings in terms of quality. We have been wearing the Sox for a long time and still enjoy it. Ok, admittedly, they are often not washed because they have a smelly charm for us, but that's another story.

Do you need at least a bit of a kinky Berlin feeling during lockdown? Then order the Sneakfreaxx socks now!